October 24th, 2014

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Review: Doctor Who, Flatline

Flatline falls short

Image: The Doctor looks out through a tiny Tardis door. Screenshot from 'Flatline'.

I did it again. Made the mistake of watching a recent episode of Doctor Who a second time.

I really enjoyed "Flatline" the first time around. I barked delighted laughter and might even have gasped in surprise a time or two. I found Rigsy charming and Clara on her own a small revelation.

But when I queued up the story for a second go-through, things were not so good. Not terrible, but too obvious by half and derivative without improving on the inspiration.

My full review, as always, includes spoilers along with my keen analysis (or so I like to believe) and charming nervous exhaustion. This time, there's also a poll! Click here for the full story.

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Baby and me


Actually, the exclamation point in the subject-line looks kind of celebratory, doesn't it?

Not my intention.

In truth, I've buggered up my wrist (tendonitis, repetitive strain injury) and am in search of a WSIB-approved physiotherapist. Anyone in Ottawa have a recommendation? Feel free to forward or repost if you think you know someone who might have an answer. Thanks in advance.

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Baby and me

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