November 20th, 2013

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Baby and me

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Launch Party: The Old Man's Last Sauna

Image: Poster for launch party of The Old Man's Last Sauna

As some of you should may know, I've become a publisher, having turned what had been a minor consulting business into a small press with the publication of The Old Man's Last Sauna, a short-story collection by Carl (yes, we're related) Dow.

Though the book has been available since October 25th, the roll-out has been a slow one — as I suppose befits an fledgling press in this time of corporate gigantism. In any event, to any and all of you who live in (or will be visiting) the National Capital Region and want something to do other than watching the Grey Cup, why not come on out to celebrate a singular moment of Canadian Culture?

The BumblePuppy Press proudly announces the official launch party of The Old Man's Last Sauna!

Featuring readings and autographs by the author, a question and answer session, free snacks and live music with Kevin Dooley and friends! Come on out this Sunday, November 24, thumb your nose at Old Man Winter and give a big thumbs' up to a local writer!

The book is a good one, and I think it's a safe bet the evening will be too!

Full details and the chance to RSVP at our EventBrite page. Come on out if you can! (And yes, I'll be there too.)

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