June 3rd, 2013

Baby and me

My tweets

  • Sun, 21:05: Two Weeks to Go Long journey, now done Reunion cedes: empty home She is overseas
  • Sun, 21:07: I know. One extra syllable, and also, it's probably a cheat to have a title. Haiku not haiku Yet maudlin point still is made Unlike my bed
  • Sun, 21:54: RT @beatonna: You shouldn't have trusted a doctor who wears a funnel on his head http://t.co/55C6j59xPd
  • Sun, 22:39: "Rob Ford is Etobicoke’s Justin Trudeau." @TabathaSouthey speaks truth about power: Liberal elite’s gift to Rob Ford http://t.co/GZIVgSClQE
  • Mon, 01:15: I've more or less said it before; I'll almost certainly say it again. #GameOfThrones is junk, but it is junk of the highest order.
  • Mon, 02:26: RT @teacuptempest: "why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free" motherfucker the same applies to you- why would i buy the pig for jus…