April 13th, 2011

The Droz Report

Drama drama drama!

My friends,

These are dark days for freedom of expression on the Livejournal group, canpolitik and I am here to plead for your support in a just (if not especially important) cause!

As some of you may have noticed (I sometimes wonder how many of you still actually read my meanderings. But I digress), I've been writing a bit about the ongoing federal election. (If you haven't noticed, then shame on you! Young Geoffrey feels hurthurthurt!)


I've been cross-posting entries of The Droz Report here and to a few other spots on LJ and elsewhere. Not always to everyone's approval. (Including, I strongly suspect, some of the folks who banned me from that hot-bed of radical activism, canadianleft. The claim is that I ought not to cross-post entries from Edifice Rex Online because that is *gasp* some form of naked self-promotion.

Apparently, to some of the denizens there, it is just fine to post links to third parties — newspapers, &ct — along with a paragraph or two expressing outrage or agreement, but not to linking to an actual thesis made of one's own words and ideas.

Anyway, there is now a poll up there, asking whether I ought to be allowed to continue in my nefarious ways. And I am losing badly. Since you are a nefarious bunch, I figured you might want to leap into action in order to right the scales of this hideous injustice. (Ahem.)

A couple of folks over there wondered whether I had any sock-puppets I could throw into the fray. I do have a couple of other LJ accounts, but would frankly feel rather sleazy pretending to be someone else in order to vote for myself. Real people, on the other hand ...

Therefore, Gentle Readers, I urge you to Vote Yes! on Poll #1729179 Edifice Rex, "I think ed_rex should continue cross posting articles from his blog."