November 1st, 2010

Baby and me

Belated note of pride and prejudiced pleasure

Good things are starting to happen for me. Last week so the much-delayed (not, I am glad to be able to hasten to add, through any fault of my own) printing of Capital Letter was finally delivered and, yes, I am pretty proud of my work. That it is paying work makes it all the sweeter. Below is a sample.

More than that, I've been contracted to layout and design a book (magazine size) and, if the gods are with me, this week will see me in receipt of the first payment for a ghost-writing project I can at this point refer to as Ghost-Writing Project (because I'm so imaginative).

Which means I'm going to be even more busy than I have been, but that I'll be getting paid for some of it. And I like that a lot.

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