October 22nd, 2010

Baby and me

In Calgary we found ... Canada

Alberta reminds Canada of its past and its future

In Calgary, we have met the Other 
(and found only ourselves)

Traditional Canadian values: Calgary's mayor-elect Naheed Nenshi in victory. 
 Traditional Canadian values: Québec Premier Jacques Parizeau in defeat.

On Tuesday, the people of Calgary elected to the mayorship a brown man — the first time a Moslem has been handed the keys to a major Canadian city.

15 years ago next week, the people of Quebec very narrowly opted to hold their province within the Canadian political experiment; the second time Quebecers voted for Canada in repudiation of their homegrown Indépendatistes.

At first glance, you might not think the two events, separated by a generation in time and half-a-continent in space, have much to do with one another.

What does a narrow defeat for the forces of a defeatest tribal isolationism 15 years ago have to with an apparent victory by the forces of tolerance, progress and pluralism today?

Quite a lot, actually.

Click here to find out why.

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