October 20th, 2010

Baby and me

The Sarah Jane Adventures series 4, episode 2, The Vault of Secrets, reviewed

'Look, it's a long story, okay, but we haven't got time now. 'Cause Androvax is after us and so are the men in black. Oh, and if we don't get a move on, the worlds' going to end." — Just another day on Bannerman Road

Second week a bit of a let-down from the series' opener, but an entertaining enough entry nevertheless. I was also struck at just how unusual it is to watch a television adventure program that doesn't include a single white male in a heroic role. Review of sorts on my web-site, but it's a short one. Click on if you will. This entry was originally posted at http://ed-rex.dreamwidth.org/207111.html. Comment there using OpenID, or here as per normal.