October 18th, 2010


Feeling a little out of my depth ... and pondering the girlfriend's confession

I just returned from my first non-Raven-related outing since visiting family out-of-town back in August, and first non-family/non-Raven social outing since (my chrisT) January or something crazy like that.


Met with three members of the Drupal "community" here in Ottawa and, as per the subject-line (and icon), found myself feeling very much like a newbie. I said little, listened much and (possibly unlike the 15 year-old me pictured above) intend to do it again.

Meanwhile, I returned to a girlfriend cringing and smiling like a small child, who knows there's a knocked-over garbage can in the next room, but who is still naive enough to think she can blame it on the cat — who has been out all day.

Want to know what her confession was? Collapse )

Hint: the secret ingredient to Awesome Pumpkin Pie is garam massala. And the dinner was delicious.

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