October 7th, 2010


Catching up on ... Juno

Juno: Don't bother looking for Signs or Significance!

'Well, you know, I just — I was thinkin' that I'd just nip it in the bud. Before it gets worse. 'Cause they were talkin' in health class about how pregnancy can lead to ... an infant.'

Catching up on ...

Ellen Page in 2007 (image: Wikipedia).

It's not giving much away to say that Juno MacGuff does not nip her pregnancy, "in the bud" or otherwise. Instead, after a brief flirtation with abortion, the 16 year-old opts to carry the foetus to term and give the baby up for adoption. Significantly, Juno is not punished for her transgression (except insofar as the pregnancy itself meet be considered a punishment) persons seeking in the entrails of Juno any overt anti-abortion, pro-choice, pro- or anti-sex or other coded messages are in for a serious disappointment.

The movie's eponymous title gives the game away.

Juno is a story about (nearly) a year in the life of a teenage girl named "Juno". It is not an issue movie, or a cautionary tale, or a call to arms. The fact that Juno is about a pregnant 16 year-old girl does not mean it is "about" teenage pregnancy.

At its heart and despite its subject-matter, Juno is a romantic comedy. Where we might once have had Katherine Hepburn as a wise-cracking career-woman in a man's world, we now have Ellen Page as a wise-cracking teenager, who is every bit as independent as Hepburn ever was, if in a very different world.

(Spoilers ahead at Edifice Rex Online , but not many; this is a movie whose surprises are worth keeping.)

(And coming soon, reviews of work by Margaret Atwood, Catherynne M. Valente and Talekyn.

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Baby and me

In other news ...

Earlier today, before Raven and I went out for our second visit to the Museum of Nature, there came a buzzing at the door a few minutes ago. A canvasser pounding on doors for one of the candidates in the municipal election, I thought at first, but as I approached I saw a uniformed man with an envelope in his hand.</p>

A registered letter? I wondered.

Not quite. I opened the door and saw the return address said "Custom Printers" on on the envelope was the word, "Proof".

My first (paid) layout and design job, my first time working on paper since, well, since I worked with paper, using actual press-on Letraset way back in the Ante-divulian 1990s.

Anyway, at the risk of sounding immodest, it looks fucking great. It needs a few tweeks, but it's a thoroughly professional-looking job and one I'm thoroughly proud of. As I am coming to be, now that I'm tooting my own horn, of TrueNorthPerspective.com.

ETA: Indiscretion removed.

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