July 23rd, 2010

Baby and me

30 days on writing: Entry #2

More memeage.

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2. How many characters do you have? Do you prefer males or females

Once again the question kind of implicitly presumes a recurring, serial universe and almost suggests to me they should be dressed in long underwear and capes, or else sporting fangs and moaning about the unfairness of eternal non-life.

I got none of that, but ...

I've got a small bunch of characters. For those within the "Orson and Ash" world, the bunch is pretty small indeed.

There's my own dopelganger, Orson, who (really, folks!) is not me but who is admitedly based on me. He started out as a contemporary what if?-style thought experiment and has diverged ever since.

Orson also began very much as a second banana to Ash, a character based in part on aspects of myself and very much on two or three women I knew in my youth, along with a yard or two of whole cloth.

As kept coming back, in story after story, until I had to admit I was a little bit in love with her (I used to have a most unfortunate Thing for falling into unrequited and mostly unrequitable love with lesbians of a certain type) and, in retrospect, she might well have become a Mary Sue had I been writing adventure stories about her.

Most of my other characters in that universe were pretty much faceless spear-carriers — which is one of the major reasons that The Valley of Shabathawan continues to molder after two and a half drafts. But there is one exception, Philomena Hawkins, a woman who was meant to be a supporting player in Shabathawan, but who grabbed hold of the story from the outset, shoved the child Ashera aside and just wouldn't let go.

But I'll discuss that in detail with #19. Right now, I need to get down to serious work.

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