May 31st, 2010

Baby and me


I know, there's lots of sureality kicking around lately, but the Israeli government wins today's prize for sheer hubris; they must think they can can say or do anything and get away with it.

I'm sure you've all heard by now of the raid (in international waters) on a "relief convoy" that was headed for Gaza yesterday. Israel's Channel 10 is said to have listed the number of casualties at 19 dead and 36 wounded.

Anyway, I don't have the time to get into a long (or even a short) discource on the Israel/Palestine conflict just now. What really struck me was the clueless arrogance of the Israeli response to the international condemnations coming in from all over the place.

Israel said its troops were attacked after they stormed six ships loaded with thousands of tonnes of aid and with hundreds of activists aboard, and that both sides used live fire.

Yes, the emphasis is mine.

I'm reminded of a brutal scene in a recent episode of the brilliant HBO series Treme (which, incidentally, you should all be watching!), in which one of the characters surrenders to the police following a protest. When the cops come inside, he offers his hands to be cuffed but refuses to kneel.

The cops proceed to beat the shit out of him, shouting from behind the (now) closed curtains, "Stop resisting! Stop resisting!"

The lie is so blatant you pretty much have to think they believe it themselves. Don't you?