May 16th, 2010


Out-polling the Guardian UK!?!

Edit @ 2306 hours Eastern time: Turns out I fell victim to either Google or my browser personalizing my results. Thanks to (or should that read "thanks"?) Livejournal's mijopo for pointing out my nakedness. Ah well, my unexpected fame was fun while it lasted.

Non-plussed (but frankly rather pleased)

Doing the narcissistic statistical analysis of recent hits at Edifice Rex Online led me to follow a link to a Google search of the phrase doctor who flesh and stone (no quotation marks).

Apparently, my thoughts on the venerable program are more popular than those of a major British newspaper.

More than a little to my amazement, my review of the episode showed up on the number two spot at, while The Guardian's came in at number three. ( had me at the same position, but The Guardian was in 10th spot.

Seems a little difficult to believe that my humble organ's pensés on Doctor Who are out-polling those of one of Britain's major newspapers, but Google wouldn't lie to me, would it?

I really think it's about time publishers started sending me ARCs.

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