March 1st, 2010


A report from the border between the US of A and the (Semi) Socialist Republic of Canuckistan

Ya mon, I guess I *am* a little patriotic after-all; way to go, girls (and boys).
They were walking — no, they were waddling stereotypes; fuck-you firearms were holstered low on thighs below bellies round and thick; every "Sir" was a challenge, nearly an insult — nothing personal, but performed as if aggressive attitude was part of the job.

Which is a rather roundabout way of admitting that I missed the Big Game (already dubbed by at least one of my correspondents as "...the best hockey game I've ever watched"). I managed to catch the third period of the women's gold medal game (pictured above), but of Sunday's classic I must — 'till torrent do us come — suffice with rumor.

Y'see, on Thursday, Raven had her passport and visa returned to her, along with instructions for finalizing her status as a permanent Canadian resident.

On Friday, she found out that she until March first(!) to do it.

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