August 7th, 2008

Baby and me

Shock! Horror! (Blogger's Delight, Intellect's Fright)

Well, wadda ya know? It's raining again. Fancy that.

* * *

On a considerably lighter note than my previous entry, those of you interested in science fiction might be amused to learn that I have achieved my first, limited, encounter with blogospheric fame, due to the recent critique I posted here and to _bookish a while back, comparing a 35 year-old satirical novel to one serialized in the most recent three issues of Analog. Someone on the Forum there noticed my cross-post and I soon learned I was being villified there.
This guy Geoffery Dow who wrote the review that Tom refers to above is a no-talent, "liberal-minded, cosmopolitan, self-conscious atheist" whose own review indicates that he 1) doesn't much care for science fiction at all, 2) doesn't much care for anyone who writes in a less "cosmopolitan" manner than he would like (to which I mean the likes of Seymour Hersch in The New Yorker), and 3) has little or no literary credentials that I could find other than those he cites himself.

Naturally, as some of you (take a bow sabotabby know, such things simply can not be left to fester on their own and so I trundled forth to do battle (and nevermind that I was compared to Seymour Hersh; 'tis the intent that makes the insult!).

No real point to this — and I certainly don't want to encourage my Gentle Readers to rush off to defend me in the rarified atmosphere of Analog's Forum; the battle is over — I just got an egotistical kick out of it is all. (I actually managed to get some some, grudging, apologies; also, the person who pointed out the review, though he disagreed, was quite polite about it and was not he who I quoted above).

Right. I've got jobs to apply for, very late correspondence to answer, Drupal to get back to and a novel to start re-writing.