February 16th, 2008

Penfield Homunculus

Random Gloats - Dating Dillemas &cetera

Still hacking out the last of my cold. I have been writing - pushing the 40,000 word mark now (and growing increasingly nervous that the end result will suck; I can only hope that is baseless insecurity speaking, and not the reverse. But I won't know until the first draft is done. I won't give in to temptation, damn it!).

Anyway. Still feeling a little under the weather (though I think one more good night's sleep should see it gone), and so thought it might be a good time to go back to plentyoffish.com and actually write to some of the women I'd added to my favourites list there, rather than putting that off 'till later.

It was a rather sobering experience (as it were). I started out with something like 30 women whose profiles I had at one time or another thought to bookmark, but when I started going through them - fresh off 1,200 words of fiction and rarin' to go meet a new woman - I ended up writing to precisely one of them and deleting everyone else.

Being the type of man who is to the taste of only a limited subset small elite among women is hard; being picky makes it that much harder. Almost makes me wish I was a little more normal.