January 8th, 2005

Baby and me

And a Belated Happy New Year - With Pictures!

Laura and I brought down the end of the old year in quiet fashion. She picked me up at the office, where I had mostly been labouring on the new version of my website, both because the holidays are a very quiet time indeed in the non-profit field and because doing so is also a form of training for me.

We spent a quiet evening at a local pub for food and drink and much talk and laughter (along with, yes, the inevitable flirting that goes on when we're together), bailing out around 11:00, so as to ring in the new year in our own inimitable fashion. (I was told, the next night, that we had been spotted getting off the streetcar. Apparently, we resembled that famous black and white photo of the man and woman kissing in post-liberation Paris. But I digress.)

First, a teaser, as I pander shamelessly to the legion of cat-lovers among my Gentle Readers:

And so, without further ado, those of you who care to see more cats - among other visual diversions - should click the cut. Collapse )

Sorry about the shoddy layout. As my next post may detail, I have plenty of reason for being unwilling to struggle with lj's coding just now.