September 22nd, 2004

Sea cow

Autumn Creeps After Summer's Stride (Oh! The Humanity!

Were it not for Mr. Sun's low circut from easter to wester horizon, and the early hour of his tip 'o the hat, good night, one would be forgiven for believe today was the 22nd of July, not September.

Hot and humid, air hazy with with hydrocarbon and H20, today could have been taken as a reward - or a viscuous tease - by those who have suffered an unreasonably cool summer this year. For those - like me - who prefer not to perspire 24 hours of the day; who like our sheets dry and forgotten food on the counter still wholesome when we return from the office; and who revel in the feel of a cool breeze wafting through open'd window, it was more an inconstant diety's reminder that - though this summer was an easy one, the next might find Toronto returned to form - That you were a very lucky Young Geoffrey indeed, this year - and that next summer might prove a sweaty horse-tranquilizer to swallow. (Nevertheless, in my hubris, I still dare to dream we'll be blessed with a cold, snowy season of darkness.)

Still, I cannot help but make of this humid day, perhaps the last of its season, the best I can. How can I resist the urge to drink the liquid sights of those for whom heat is not a burden, but an opportunity to flaunt and strut, to display the peacock's tail of youth or the subtle hues of middle-age?

The young Oriental woman, splendid legs - lean and strong - flashing beneath shot, pleated skirt; the shirtless punk astride his bike, proud of his mowhawk, indifferent to the thin layer of flab atop ridged atop his belly; the thin, pony-tailed woman walking her bike in loose jeans and only a thin, white t-shirt above them; and, especially, my sweetie, resplendent in pink skirt and tank-top, with whom I managed to steal a half-hour earlier this afternoon.

(No doubt, I've missed a great deal while penning these words at The 360. But I am not a man who finds it easy to watch and do all at the same time.)


I have been home for a week now, and have been neglecting you, my Gentle Readers. As atonement, you'll find a gossipy update Collapse )
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