July 15th, 2004



I'm kind of nervous about this, but there isn't much point in writing a story if no one is going to read it, is there? Seeing as how the launch of Edifice Rex Online, Version 2.0 continues to lurk somewhere under the horizon, this seems as good a place as any to present it.

Just for the record, Orson is notme. Yes, there are some resemblances; and yes, I was lazy and used my own apartment as the setting, but even so ... Nothing in this story actually happened to me. It's fiction, people.

That said, the resemblance is there. I've used him in a number of stories, including one currently residing on my website, called "Old Friends". Orson started off as a sort of alternate-future doppelganger of myself, of who I thought I might have become, had my life taken a slightly different fork towards the end of my adolescence. I find myself revisiting him every so often, to check in on his life. Usually, he's fifth-business to another character's drama, but this time, he takes centre-stage.

Incidentally, the initial impulse that led to "Old Friends" was an attempt to write pornography. After four or five pages of the latter, I grew bored of trying to think of metaphors to describe the sweaty couple of nakes human beings and so gave it up as more work than it could possibly be worth. However, during that writing, an idea of an erotic story came (ahem) to me and I found myself pounding out "Lily"'s 10,000 words over the course of six days or so.

So, be warned: It's very long (for a livejournal post) and it contains some pretty graphic sex. Those of you who tend toward prudery should avert your eyes.

All right. Here's Collapse )

Comments are welcome, but please say why you did (or didn't) like it.
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