October 22nd, 2003

Baby and me

Semi-Stream, Semi-Conscious

It may be Young Geoffrey is not quite so young as once he was; he is typing this with his "View" settings on 120% and liking it.

It's felt like a busy few days since last I posted, though my accomplishments ... well, I don't really have any, come to think of it.

Friday found me very tired by the time touch_my_skin graced my apartment for the first time. As I expected, we had a very good time. I disappointed her by not owning a DVD player, but I made up for that techno-inadequacy by having a copy of Fight Club lying around, which I had happened to pick up ($6.99!) a couple of days before.

I've been meaning to see that movie for literally years but had avoided it until now. I am still digesting it and will likely post a thought or two about it later.

Following touch_my_skin's departure - which I would have liked very much to prolong; why does she have to live so far away and have such a busy life? - I got a phone-call from Kris, a woman I have yet to meet - and who I now doubt that I will. It was one of those calls that trailed off into nothing - you know something's wrong when the person on the other end of the line starts singing coffee commercials. That left me irritated and car-cursing as I cycled to work.

By the time I left the office Saturday morning, I'd been awake for 38 hours or so. Managed 10 hours of sleep when I got home, praise the lord.

Sunday saw me sleeping a good deal again. I had hoped to head out to Canzine so I could pick up a copy of sabotabby's zine, but rising from my bed two hours after the event closed nullified that possibility.

Monday morning found me well-rested for hockey - a fast-paced game with two subs per team! Yay to being able to catch your breath! For once I didn't go out for a beer afterwards.

Tuesday night found me quaffing several Grolsch with a friend and his girlfriend. He didn't like my latest story, but she did - said she's intended to mark it up with comments and criticisms but instead found herself reading it to find out what happened next. Fuck Vern, yay Helen!

And tonight I am going to dress all fancy as I'm going out to Squireley's to share a meal and a beer with ... Heath. But there'll be women there as well, and maybe I'll find the wherewithal to say howdy-doo to someone. It'll be my first time out in public wearing my dog-collar, which embarrasses me and pleases me at one and the same time.

My lord. This entry is about as insightful as Stockwell Day's understanding of natural history. I think I'll just shut up for now.

But keep checking in, kids!
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