Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Er, nothing whatsoever to do with Israel, of course not!

I see the demonization of Iran continues apace, as if Dick Cheney was still running the White House. Whether these drums of war are intended to stir up a genuine war fever in the States or is just meant to (a) keep the American people nervous and (b) keep the Iranians nervous (not to mention the rest of us) is unclear, but I couldn't help but by struck by just how bizarrely divorced from reality so-called "objective journalism" can be.

According to the CBC, Hilary Clinton is warning that "Iran could spark nuclear arms race".

Now, it's (presumably) true that Clinton said, and (equally presumably) true that Iran's president insisted that his country's nuclear program is one meant strictly for peaceful purposes — and who knows, I wouldn't be surprised if it is. God knows the Pentagon hasn't been exactly a paragon of truth-in-advertising when it comes to its "enemies" weapons of mass destruction.

Be that as it may, what's really fascinating about the article is what isn't mentioned, such as,

  • the fact that Israel has a hundred or so nuclear weapons;

  • that the United States — which continues to treat Iran as an enemy, even after Iran provided all sorts of help after 9/11 — has thousands of nuclear weapons and has never promised not to be the first to use them;
  • and,
  • that the United states has invaded two countries, two of Iran's neighbours (three if you count Pakistan) in the past decade or so.

Maybe Iran is trying to develop the Bomb. I hope they're not, but frankly, if I were running that country, I'd give it serious consideration. Wouldn't you?


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