Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

A little something for the fans of cheese among you

Attack of The Little People and
Odyssey Who

I know, the headline is terrible and I apologize for it.

But you have to admit that cover is worth any number of terrible heds.

I suppose there's really nothing else to say, beyond offering a tip 'o the proverbial hat to

There are a few other amusements in that gallery, though in my opinion the Nazi ... elves? dwarves? pixies? gnomes ... are the cream of a dubious crop.

Stay tuned folks! Swear to god, there's a real entry-a-comin' sometime soon!

Meanwhile, another time-waster for the Geeks Of a Certain Age Among Us (and those who've managed to see aging torrents or re-runs).

(And yes, a review of the latest Who special will be coming shortly, along with a critically appreciation of the mostly quite wonderful Sarah Jane Adventures. Anyway, I'll leave you with a rather lovely Who/Kubrick mash-up which not only looks to the past but, quite appropriately, to the future as well. Kudos to TardisTimegirl, whoever she might be.)

Tags: 2001, bad art, doctor who, mash-up, science fiction

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