Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

A trip down memory lane or, shameless self-promotion

The young and brilliant jade_noir has recently been paying me the rather high compliment of dipping into the archives of this, and recently reminded me of a review I wrote back in 2004 of Bob Dylan's Chronicles, Volume One. (Yeah, yeah, I know, it may sound as if I am returning flattery with flattery, but I have been reading jade_noir's journal with a great deal of interest since she was something like 15 years old and so I don't hesitate to use the word. Also, it's not a word I throw around with reckless abandon.)

To frankly toot my own horn, it's an excellent essay and so I am very grateful to her for reminding me of its existence. That it includes some reminiscences of my paternal grandfather makes it of even more interest to me (and, just possibly, to at least some of you).

Click here to read (or re-read) the full 1,600 word review.
Tags: dylan, edifice rex online, review

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