Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

O! Praise Jebus!

After taking a day or two off to recover from the horrors of revisiting the novel, it seems the that first 20 pages just might be the worst 20 pages.

I sojourned again at Dufferin Grove this afternoon, enjoyed some sunshine and an atmosphere happily not drenched with humidity, and plowed through another 25 or so pages of manuscript.

And you know what? Not so bad! Some of it even good. At a couple of points I even cheered for my plucky heroine, laughing out loud with pleasure in her courage and ingenuity.

Pulling out a full-length novel manuscript and discovering that it sucks (or that the first 20 pages do) is, well, kind of demoralizing experience; I'm certainly glad I found the courage to carry on.

I think tomorrow I'll read the next fifty pages, and then the subsequent 100 or so which will remain. In the meantime I shall pray to every god, goddess and common sprite in which I don't believe (er, that would be all of them) that the work will continue to get better.

And Monday, it is my intention to once again start providing regular progress reports.

Wish me luck.
Tags: jewel, writing

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