Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Self-Loathing Journal or, Pressure? We Don't Need no Stinkeen Pressure!

Wish I had that R. Crumb cover iconized, but what the hell, the office is not a good place to be making the pointless little buggers anyway.

So, it seems I have little fear of public (or "public") humiliation. It's been what - a week? - since posting the opening shots of Shabathawan and I have found excuses (however lame) to stay away from the word-processor ever since.

Bitching at strangers on one of my groups? Check.

Re-activating my hotornot account? Check.

Real writing? Er ... "How's tomorrow for you? My people will call your people."

Fucking hell, what is wrong with me anyway? How did I become so god damned lazy?

All right, enough with the god damned rhetorical questions.

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