Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

For the record: Profile, 2007/09/10

[About to update my info page, the following is reprinted here, for the record. — gd: 2009/02/20.]

September 10, 2007

Like many other blogs, mine serves several purposes, including occasional, entirely self-indulgent reports on the highs, lows and mid-points of my life; book reviews and criticism and (rarely) commentary on other media; cultural commentary in general; political commentary and rants, depending on the level of my rage and the quality of my patience; first drafts of fiction, finished or not finished; morning pages (these almost invariably under an lj-cut, as are the first-drafts); and whatever else I care to share with my adoring public - and you, too, if you're interested in reading.

I also post occasional photos, sometimes even cat-pictures, such as the following.

But not too often.

Most of this journal is open to all, though anonymous responses are screened; if you want to be notified when (if - I don't mind a good debate, but ad hominem attacks won't be tolerated) I un-screen it, please provide an email address in a separate response, which I will delete once I've approved the first one, so no one else will see it. (I will, of course, turn right around and sell it to every spammer I can find).

I use anglo-saxonisms; I don't believe in god or goddess or even flying-spaghetti monster (though I sort of wish I did the latter). I sometimes reference sex, drinking and other forms of debauchery. If I have sex with you, I'll probably talk about it unless you specifically tell me not to.

That's about it for the journal itself. Many of my interests are listed below and a great deal of my ongoing autobiography can be found within the entries readily available inside.

Briefly, I am 42 years old, single and childless. I am currently unemployed and using this time as an opportunity to get serious about my writing and also hope to start making some money through web design.

I am a laughing existentialist and a non-doctrinaire left-winger. I read a great deal and mostly avoid television, though without the sneer of contempt that many televisual-phobes seem to enjoy so much. I listen to CBC Radio regularly and read such magazines as Frank, Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Harper's, The Comics Journal and, occasionally, The New Yorker and The Economist.

I am a decent cook, give a great massage and can get along with punk-rockers as comfortably (or uncomfortably) as I do with rich folk - maybe better. I prefer pubs and sidewalk patios to clubs, enjoy wit and debate and laugh quite a lot. I like to think I am a happy, mostly well-adjusted (when I'm not depressed) product of the 20th century (albeit from an unusual neighbourhood of same) and hope to see as much of the 21st as luck and good breeding will allow.

If you choose to friend me, welcome aboard. If you tell me you've done so, I'll likely return the favour, but I reserve the right to reverse the decision. You're welcome to stick around if that happens, but there'll be no hard feelings if you opt to take your leave.


Sept 2006

[Interests were listed as follows.]

afterplay, age-gap, alice in wonderland, analog science fiction, art, atheist, autumn, bluegrass, bob dylan, books, bsg, cbc radio, cerebus, consent, cooking, cuddling, cunnilingus, dhalgren, doctor who, drupal, ecology, ezines, feminism, flirting, foreplay, garlic, globe and mail, habs, harper's magazine, hockey, hot wax, j.r.r. tolkien, jane austen, kim stanley robinson, kissing, laughter, learning, literature, lsd, massage, parkdale, patti smith, peaches, pesto, philosophy, pints, politics, pubs, reading, samuel r. delany, science, science fiction, sctv, semi-colons, sexual politics, sexuality, shakespeare, short skirts, spanking, spring, stan rogers, summer, the frantics, thinking, tintin, tom lehrer, toronto, winter, wordplay, writing

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