Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Report from the Great Cold North

Thursday night saw me trying to do some belated catching-up on Battlestar Galactica when the reading light above my laptop went out.

I figured it was the bulb and didn't give any further thought until a couple of hours later, when said laptop itself suddenly shut down and, outside my window, all was dark.

Online then did I realize that the power had gone out.

Though not quite Arctic, the temperature on Thursday dipped to about negative-17 or less and didn't get much above minus-14 on Friday.

Anyway, yes, I was one of those who awoke on Friday morning to a frigid temperature indeed. No heat, no light. No internet.

Needless to say (since I'm typing this), I survived. In truth, I was pretty comfortable.

A few candles, the cat once more permitted into my room and a down duvet saw me through it with only minimal discomfort. Just in case anyone was worried.
Tags: random gloats

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