Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Well. That Settles *That*

Alaskan governor will consider presidential bid if God wills.

All inadvertent self-parody aside, a week down the road and I still don't think I've ever been so glad to have been so wrong. My friends and I cheered when McCain appeared on screen and made his concession speech. Like so many others, the idea of a "black" man winning the presidency of the United States of America seemed, until a week ago, even more outlandish than the idea of a woman being elected to that office. Better yet, Obama seems like a thoughtful and intelligent man who just might have the imagination to become the president the US needs.

Which isn't to say I expect a sudden end to American imperialism, but I can at least hope he will lead an administration that will support the expansion of international law rather than its destruction; that he will take climate change seriously; that — just maybe — he will even begin to see the wisdom in turning off the taps that have for so long helped keep in power such paragons of liberal democracy as the House of Saud and whichever general pulls of Pakistan's next coup.

The neo-con true believers have left one hell of a mess to clean up; let's hope he's up to the task.

Post-script #1: McCain's concession speech was a good and a gracious one. In the moment, I was moved by it. But it didn't take me long to reject the implicit apology as far too little, too late. It was like a bully suddenly saying "I'm sorry", when only moments before he had been urging his lackeys to do their worst against what he had thought was a 98 pound weakling.

Post-script #2: To the revolutionaries among my (not entirely) Gentle Readers, much as I'd like to see a workers' paradise emerge on our sweet globe, I'd prefer it happen gradually and with as little violence as possible. Gradualism may not be exciting or sexy, but it's made for a pretty decent place to live here in Canada (all things considered and taking the long view) I'd just as soon we get there by baby-steps rather than through Mighty Strikes that count individual lives as nothing but numbers and class abstractions.
Tags: politics, random gloats

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