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Mea Culpa or, So Much for the Great Prognosticator

Back on the 10th, I decided to damn the polls and so, over on canpolitik, I stuck to my guns and predicted tonight's results as follows.

Liberals: 155
Conservatives: 77
Bloc: 39
NDP: 36
Green: 1

What can I say? The actual results as of 11:44 are in fact,

Conservatives: 144 (not a majority, thank god!)
Liberals: 74 (I don't understand Dion — why couldn't he campaign? What the hell happened to the Liberals' organization?)
Bloc: 50 (Good to see their share of the popular vote decrease)
NDP: 38
Independent: 2

Not quite a disaster for this country, but not a particularly heartening result either. On the other hand, those Yanks among you who are as frightened of McCain/Palin as I am might take heart from the fact I predicted a McCain landslide — here's hoping I'll be as wrong about the results in the US as I was about those north of the border. (I note also that my father is slightly smarter than I am; he predicted a Liberal minority. Tomorrow we shall commiserate via telephonic device.)
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