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Novel Progress Notes - 0202 (Plus Random Gloats)

Novel Progress Notes - 0201
Jewel of Eternity

None today; count for September 10 was:

New words: 1,129

Previous Total:</b>1,129
Total wordcount: 2,372
Deadline: Too soon to say

For those of you have kindly offered to be beta-readers, I hope to post the first link tomorrow afternoon. If not tomorrow, then Saturday fer (almost) sure.

Friends Cut A'Comin'

I c'n feel that cut a'comin'
Comin' down the the line ...

Well, not people (not you!), but communities. My friends list is becoming cluttered with multiple posts by add-me posts, perverts, readers and writers and I need to slim it down. In fact, it's already started. I removed omg_too_soon (I think that's what it was called) this afternoon, after 1,000 too many "humourous" (yet sadly similar) 9/11 memorials), but am going to do some serious pruning in the near future. After I egotistically make use of all the "add me" communities currently polluting my friends list, of course..

* * *

Speaking of friends cuts, if one of you decide to cut me loose, and if we've actually had some significant interaction (such as back and forth comments and, er, sending me your fucking resume when you were looking for work), I'd appreciate it if you'd actually say goodbye, rather than being "discrete". Good manners means having the balls to say "you're boring/offensive/stupid/etcetera" rather than just slinking off into the darkness.

Yes, a couple of people — one of whom I've had beers with and with whom I know people in common — have done that recently and, well, it pisses me off.

Fortunately, even when drinking, I'm a civilized man and haven't email-bombed either of them, but the truth is, I've thought of it.

(If we've seldom or never interacted beyond our first friending, of course, these "rules" don't apply.)

* * *

I'm a little irritated that Layton and Harper backed down so quickly on Elizabeth May. I'd wanted to add my voice in support of her participation of the up-coming debates and now it's too late.

Tags: novel progress, random gloats

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