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Novel Progress Notes - 0201

Jewel of Eternity

New words: 1,243
Total wordcount: 1,243
Deadline: Too soon to say

* * *

Sweet Jesus, I've finally started on the second draft! And although 1,243 words isn't a prolific start, it's not a bad one, either. At any rate, I think it will do for today if not tomorrow.

I decided to do it the hardway, the old-fashioned way. Manuscript print-out in view, but typing everything anew, no cut-and-paste. As I go along, I imagine I'll come across passages that don't need changing, and so will take work already done and incorporate it into the second draft, but I suspect most of it will require enough changes to make the extra typing worthwhile.

But we'll see ...

Meanwhile, I think I'll be looking for feedback along the way. Would any of you Gentle Readers be interested in being beta-readers? Spelling and grammar corrections will be appreciated, but mostly I'll be looking for reactions about the general quality of the prose and, especially, whether or not you think it's any good. Does the story intrigue? Do the characters live — or better still, do they sing?

If there are volunteers (I think I'll stop at 5, for some arbitrary reason, so first come, first served) I'll create a special filter for posting links and any and all reactions. My intention is to do a chapter per day, so it'll be a fair amount of reading. Not too that it's a genre novel, on the cusp between science fiction and fantasy. If you're interested, please speak up, but feel no obligations, okay? (Not that any of you are likely to!)
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