Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

It's a Mystery or, "I Swear, Your Honour, I Haven't Killed a Thing!"

Possibly also known as the "too much information department."

Only moments ago I found myself standing over the commode and, well, doing what a man does when he has to pee. A I reached down to free my nether parts from their denim prison, I noticed that several of my fingers - on both hands, no less! - were spotted with what I can only explain as dried blood.

My cat is alive, unharmed and unafriad; I've not cooked anything today that would dry to that dull, Martian red, and a relatively full self-examination reveals no dripping injuries, nor recent significant scars or scabs.

Also, I showered this morning and washed my hands only a couple of hours back.

As noted above, I am wearing pants and am not (as a select few of you know for a fact) female. And yet, the fact remains: my fingers are Mysteriously Bloodied.

Can this be the First Stigmata (Stigmatum?) of Young Geoffrey?

Perhaps time will tell.
Tags: random gloats

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