Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

"Exterminaren!" (And Yet - Well, Hell ...)

Too Much Magic, and fuck What They Did to Donna

First (Drunken) Reactions

The "science" made no sense, there were deus ex machinae coming out the wazoo, and the "heart-breaking" ending didn't even knock on my heart's door.

sabottaby was right. It was an anti-climax.

Worse, in saying it was an anti-climax anti-climax "after last week's awesomeness.

But still, it was geekworthy. I laughed a few times, I gasped three or four, but I didn't cry — the score clearly intimated that I was supposed to.

I took a lot of screen-caps and had intended to post a long, cap-heavy entry that would annoy most of you, but to hell with it. No spoilers, you'll enjoy it, but it wasn't An Episode for the Ages.

Damn it.

Of course, I'll re-watch it tomorrow, and it's possible I'll change my mind.
Tags: doctor who, science fiction

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