Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Novel Progress Notes #19

Jewel (May 2nd, 2008):

New words: 2,063
Total wordcount: 91,944
Deadline: May 1

* * *

Jewel (today)

New words: 1,393
Total wordcount: 93,337
Deadline: May 1

* * *

I really am sorry Douglas Adams died such an untimely death.

"I am not, I should say at once, in any formal relationship with a dog. I don't feed a dog, give it a bed, groom it, find kennels for it when I'm away, delouse it, or suddenly arrange for any of its internal organs to be removed when they displease me. I do not, in short, own a dog."

- from The Salmon of Doubt
Tags: novel progress, writing

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