Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Novel Progress Notes #11


New words: 1,053
Total wordcount: 78,300
Deadline: May 1

* * *

Yes, there's a (working) title on the above entry, and will be from here on in. The reason? I think I'm about to start a second novel and - if so - will be keeping a similar word-count. Rest assured that "Jewel" will have first priority on my writing time until it's finished, but I'd like to keep track of "Use Me" from the get-go.

Where Jewel is intended to be strictly a fun fantasy, Use Me looks look being a so-called "serious" psychological novel, probably with pornographic undertones and hopefully of some sociological and political significance - Jane Austen better watch out! Or else only a self-indulgent cri de coeur that, maybe, will appeal to "chick-lit" aficionados, if from the distaff side.

* * *

Last night's game between Montreal and Boston was marvellous hockey. Though the final score was only 1-0 (happily - very happily! - in favour of les Canadiens, it was everything hockey should be. Fast-paced, with end-to-end action, lots of scoring chances, excellent goal-tending and lots of (mostly clean) body-checking.

What a beautiful sport.


Use Me:

New words: 550
Total wordcount: 550
Deadline: None yet
Tags: hockey, novel progress, writing

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