Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Novel Progress Notes #10

New words: 2,597
Total wordcount: 76,337
Deadline: May 1

Christ. It's hard to know what kind of novel I'm writing now. I thought it was something that might - maybe with some difficulty, but this is 2008, not 1968 - be classified as Young Adult. But my 15 year-old heroine not only just got herself completely plastered, drinking with 3 enormous centaur-like reptiles, but then went and decided to give up her virginity in a decidedly S&M (and fairly graphic) style.

What had been (at most) an AA14 novel has suddenly become rate 18 and over (that's PG13 to X, for the Yanks among you).

The writer in me is glad as hell she's finally gotten out of the bar and so out of Part 3, but the editor in me is terrified by the conceptual mess he fears is only 25,000 words from the printer. Will I find a more or less coherent first-draft novel, or a terrifying cacophony of unconnected snippets, taunting me to turn them into a narrative worthy of the term, novel?

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