Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Novel Progress Notes #8 - Find a Voice, Lose the Thread

New words: 1,072
Total wordcount: 72,123
Deadline: May 1

It was as if my subconscious went off on a week-long vacation following my last, triumphant, progress note. For the past week, I'd fire up the machine, stare at the screen until the emptiness became too much, then shut down the word-processor in favour of a game or a movie. Rinse, lather, repeat.

Today's 1,000+ words didn't flow, but at least they came. My heroine is still in the same bar and I am still not sure how she is going to leave it, but last night my imagination began to play again and I think I see some kind of light at the exit.

The thing has structured itself in four parts, I see that now, and I have at least a vague idea of how the final one needs to happen. Will happen. Should happen. Something like that.

All right. I know. I'm babbling.

* * *

Speaking of babbling, last night I had the strangest transportation-related dream it has ever been my pleasure to experience. I speak, of course, of long-distance skateboarding. Y'see, I created a new way to locomote on the thing: crouching on the board with my feet splayed so that I could use my toes to keep myself in motion. I was half-way to Sudbury before I woke up and realized just how anotomically impossible it was. Dreams are funny things, yessirree Bob.
Tags: dreams, novel progress, writing

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