Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Novel Progress Notes #7

New words: 2,392
Total wordcount: 71,061
Deadline: May 1

"'Oh my,' said Amanda McHugh'."

Oh my indeed. Yes, I got to the fight scene, after adding some dialogue to what I'd done yesterday - the better (I hope) to set it up - and even got all the way through it. It was less violent than I had expected - no one died, no one even broke a bone - and there was less talking, but it was funnier than anything that's come thus far, or at least the aftermath was.

Typing The quote with which I opened this entry cracked me up, just as did a dream I had very early on in the writing of this novel.

I think I'm finally finding the light-hearted voice I'm been striving for since the beginning. Excitement and adventure, yes; danger and fear, yes; a little romance, sort of - the sidekick really has to step up if he thinks she's ever gonna kiss him again; but also comedy - and I think I've managed it at last.

I'm fairly certain now that the first draft will run about 100,000 words, which means I'm 70% of the way there. May 1st is starting to seem like a realistic target if I can keep up this pace.

And then, I fear the rewriting will have to be massive. Even without having read it, I am aware of plot-holes, inconsistencies and, especially, that there the auctorial voice is not consistent.

But all in all, I'm feeling damned fine about the project right now.
Tags: novel progress, writing

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