Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Novel Progress Notes #1

I have little to relate, other than than I've been in a funk and have behaved foolishly a couple of times in the bast week, and that last night's dreams were filled with anticipation about the upcoming start of Battlestar Galactica's fourth season.</a> Sure, there was some kind of plot to the dream, and even a number of old friends made an appearance, but it was the Season 4 finale that made for the climax.

Anyway, I'm stealing (with modifications) the following chart from matociquala, even though she doesn't know I'm alive - nor does she have any reason to.

Progress notes for 21 March 2008

New words: 1323
Total wordcount: 55347
Deadline: May 1

I am now guesstimating the first draft will clock in at around 100,000 words, which I suspect will be chopped by 40% come the first revision.

Thursday, I felt really good about where things were going, felt I was beginning to see the underlying structure and dramatic narrative. Today, less sure, but plugging on optimistically. There have been moments over the past week when the writing was an actual joy, as elements became clear almost as if I was the writer and not the reader. Today though, the air has grown foggy and I was feeling my way through the miasma.

Still. 1323. I'll live with it.
Tags: novel progress

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