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September 17, 2006

Like many other online journals, mine serves several purposes. As occasional, self-indulgent reports on the highs, the lows and the mid-points of my occsionally interesting life; as a tool for social networking; as a sort-of writer's scratch-pad - I post first drafts of fiction and essays, along with links to finished work; as a promotional tool for my website; as a discussion forum - I enjoy debate, so long as it doesn't degenerate into name-calling - as I also post articles of political and artistic criticism and analysis.

I also post the occasional photo, sometimes even of my cat.

This journal is mostly public and sometimes more graphic than some people might appreciate. Be warned: you may find references to sex, drinking and other forms of debauchery and I sometimes use naughty words. There have also been a few semi-risque photographs, though so far no full-frontal nudity.

That's about it. Many of my interests are listed below and a great deal of my ongoing autobiography can be found within the entries already here.

Briefly, I am 41 years old, single and childless. I work for a small, non-profit web-hosting and design company and mostly like my work, but I aspire to make a living through my words one of these days.

I am a laughing existentialist and a non-doctrinaire left-winger. I read a great deal and mostly avoid television, though without the sneer of contempt that many tele-phobes seem to enjoy so much. I listen to CBC Radio regularly and read such magazines as Frank, Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Harper's, The Comics Journal and, occasionally, The New Yorker and The Economist.

I am a decent cook, give a great massage and can get along with punk-rockers as comfortably (or uncomfortably) as I do with rich folks and their discontents. I am the type who prefers pubs and sidewalk cafes to clubs, who enjoys wit and debate and who laughs quite a lot. (Did I mention I am single? Feel free to write me if you'd like to meet in person.)

Long story short, I am a happy, only slightly messed-up product of the 20th century, just as happy being engaged in surviving as much of the 21st as I can manage.

If you're interested and want to friend, welcome aboard. If you let me know you've done so, I'll likely return the favour, but I reserve the right to reverse the decision should I find I'm not reading your posts, or that your journal is nothing but memes. You're welcome to stick around if that happens, but there'll be no hard feelings if you opt to take your leave.


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