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Another Year Over ...

... well, not quite, but close enough.

I've seldom been one to play the New Year's Resolution game - I think I've made one two or three times, but say "think" because I can't remember what they were or if I kept (any of) them.

But I need to make some changes and this seems as good a time as any.

As an experiment then, and as what I hope will prove to be a useful tool, I'm going to declare a few intentions here, in the dim glow of a tiny public's attention.

As a sop to my pride (I don't particularly enjoy indulging in cliches), and because my work-week starts on the 31st of December, the prep-work starts today; tomorrow, and New Year's Day itself, will see my making changes.


1) Post a To-Do List here;

2) Clean up this dump;

3) Organize my files (clippings, correspondence, periodicals and publications); and

4) Answer all outstanding letters.


1) Take my bike in to the shop; and

2) Write at least 1,000 words on the novel after work.

January 1:

1) Quit smoking;

2) Write; and

3) Have a nap before going out, if it turns out I will have made plans with Sue for a drinking-bout on The Big Night.

In General:

1) Stop drinking so much; no more stopping off at Rhino's or Mezzro's nearly every day after work;

2) Write every day, whether I feel like it or not;

3) Get something professionally published (or at least accepted) by the end of March, even if it's just something in the Globe and Mail's "Facts and Arguments" section;

4) Get my website updated by the end of January;

5) Be a more consistently "there" uncle to my niece; and

6) Play shinny at least twice a week; and

6) Work out regularly.

In other words, it's time to stop "wallowing in my own crapulence" (The Oxford English Reference Dictionary: "crapulent ... 1 given to indulging in alcohol.2drunk3resulting from drunkenness ..." - who knew it was a real word? Thank you, Mr. Burns.) and permitting that behaviour to feed my depressive tendencies (which encourages self-indulgence, &ct &ct). Enough of the vicious circle, enough self-pity. It's time to take control of my life, time to stop being an ironic commentator on my own affairs.

I believe I have some modicum of free will and it is time to put that belief to the test.

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