Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Some Things That Bug Me

In no particular order:
  1. That my stupid cat insists on chewing any and every exposed wire. My internet connection was down after I wrote this morning's piece and then took a break with the Sunday Star (I don't really miss the Sunday Times, but see below). I called Bell, at which point my cellphone connection died and I decided to use the (inconveniently-placed - because of the cat! - telephone.

    No dial-tone. So I went hunting and quickly came up with the dead wire. Fortunately, on my current budget, it was one for which I had a ready replacement. I also wrapped every exposed cord in great huge masses of duct tape.

    Stupid cat;

  2. that after what seemed three months, but was more likely one, They have stopped delivering the Sunday New York Times more or less to my door. Since I haven't paid for a renewal, I don't blame them, but I did enjoy getting it for free while it came;

  3. headlines like this one and the wishy-washy knee-jerk liberal kind of thinking they represent: "Quebec soldiers' bodies arrive in Canada".

    No, this isn't a grammar rant (the grammar seems fine), but a political complaint.

    This about it: Quebec soldiers, not Canadian soldiers. Did these men fight in the Quebecois Army or the Canadian Army? (Hint: the answer is #2.)

    Granted that it's a small thing, but that headline utterly buys into the separatists' thesis, which is that Quebec is not a province of Canada, but a separate "nation".

    Since Trudeau last stared down the separatists, Canadian federalists have mostly bent over backwards to appease the separatists, as if anything but full independence would ever satisfy them.

    Thank god most Quebecois are, in fact, quite happy to be Canadians, because the federalist cause has long seemed utterly incapable of explaining why Canada is actually a Pretty Good Country. (Note to self: that's an essay for the website);

  4. The fact that the West (meaning, mostly, the incompetent imperialists in the Pentagon and White House) seems incapable of learning from history and so is busy doing its best to turn Pakistan into another Afghanistan - haven't they figured out that supporting dictators only breeds their own enemies?

All right, that's it. I might even feel better now.

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