Young Geoffrey (ed_rex) wrote,
Young Geoffrey

Morning Pages -One Point Five

It's way too soon to draw any conclusions, of course. But I sure as hell feel - already - that Dorothy Brande knew whereof she typed.

Following this "morning's" post (that's right, only some of you saw it; for what it's worth, most of those of you who didn't would be just as glad), and after answering a few emails and sending a cheque to tyskkvinna I decided to celebrate Cheque Day by stopping off at Rhino's for a point.

And scribbled some 14 manuscript pages in my notebook, which I believe will become, tomorrow, an open letter to the Liberal Party of Canada, in response to Michael Ignatief's pusillanimous essay in the New York Times Magazine back on the weekend before last.

Somehow, typing that random garbage earlier today, seems to have freed my literary fingers from their long hibernation, and I am feeling pretty damned good about it.

Of course, if you, you Gentle Readers, don't see a real post tomorrow, you'll know that my feelings had no bearing on reality.

But for the nonce, I'm a convert. I wasn't working on the novel, but I was writing, and it (still) feels good!
Tags: morning pages

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