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Young Geoffrey

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My tweets [Mar. 31st, 2013|12:00 pm]
Young Geoffrey

  • Sun, 01:39: Okay, credit where it's due. Moffat toys with a repeat of Doctor-Eats-Funny ha ha, but didn't actually go there. #DoctorWho
  • Sun, 01:42: Half-way through, Doctor on a plane! Actually enjoying myself. #DoctorWho
  • Sun, 01:51: Right. Just sitting back and enjoying. Who'da thunk it? #DoctorWho
  • Sun, 01:55: Well, riding up the side of a building is a bit too Superman-ish to be fully-credible. And I don't buy why he left TARDIS behind. #DoctorWho
  • Sun, 02:05: *Way* too much hand-waving at the Climax, too many "clever" strings showing, but at least some entertainment value. Review coming #DoctorWho
  • Sun, 02:22: Uh oh. Tweet about #DoctorWho for an hour, lose to Followers ...
  • Sun, 02:44: Some wag left a CD in my mailbox. "Defecation Domination" by a band called I Shit on Your Face. Dare I run it even on my Linux machine?
  • Sun, 10:04: RT @TabathaSouthey: Mob rule vs Mark Warawa by @acoyne. (Politics makes strange bedfellows & I find myself spooning w/an anti-choice ...
  • Sun, 10:06: RT @davidfrum: Many of the world's richest people are out-and-out thieves. When they store riches in West, they corrupt our economies as ...
  • Sun, 10:07: What's going on? Re-tweeted, with approval, quotes by 2 right-wingers.